• Imagine...

    A tablet that tells you exactly what and when you need to check and register

  • Imagine...

    Checklists that are automatically linked to requirements and standards

  • Imagine...

    That all your projects automatically adhere to your quality system at company level

  • Imagine...

    A platform that clearly shows which activities deviate from the norm

  • Imagine...

    A platform that archives your quality records automatically in the correct manner

  • Imagine...

    No more non-conformities and suspended payments on projects

  • Imagine...

    A platform that allows you to pass audits with flying colors

  • Imagine...

    You see how your project is performing compared to other projects

About Gappless

The most advanced mobile registration platform.

Gappless is a software platform that provides process management for a performance-based environment. These environments are part of the project-based manufacturing and services industry. The platform provides a seamless connection between the work and contract performance conditions. Gappless makes this connection for you, so you do not have to.

Gappless ensures that the correct activities are properly executed. It gives you exact insight in the delivered quantities, qualities and prices. Gappless stores information in a way that allows infinite methods of analysis. With Gappless you will ensure faster acceptance and payments.

All that is what makes Gappless the most advanced platform for digital and provable registration of performances.

Smart. Easy. Reliable.


The Gappless platform in more detail.


Quality and registrations are done digitally, making folders full of paper and retyping handwritten forms of the past.


Information that can be monitored and controlled at corporate, project and client level.

project specific

Extend standard (certified) checklists temporarily with additional questions. Try, learn and improve.

fast handling of checks

Approve checklists immediately upon entry or send them back to the people in the field to be modified.

ON and OFFLINE usability

The app also works offline due to smart sync. This allows you to continue checking without data loss.

supporting rugged environments

No fiddly buttons, but effective input possibilities. High contrast for good visibility inside and outside, day and night.

digital capturing and sketching

Photos, location sketches and digital signatures are directly attached to the reports. Deposit and delivery notes can be captured on-site.


Our customers do not pay for the creation of a data model. Our platform is from themselves intelligent and has a scalable flexibility.

Manage checklists for the entire organization and make them suitable for a specific project or situation.

Performance insight

Gain insight into the reaction, the progress of activities and the quality of the performance.


Gappless has a foundation on todays technology. We have chosen techniques where customers as Eurofiber, Mammoet, General Electric, TNT, HSBC and Rabobank have put their trust in.

discover more than 250 features

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Only the best thanks to collaboration with top professionals.

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DPI Consultancy

DPI assist us in making sure that Gappless is developed from the needs of daily practice.

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Mendix is the reliable and powerful engine of our platform. Because Gappless continuously develops and improves, we opted for this solid and stable platform.

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Geonius support us in developing smart modules that make engineering fun and easy.

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XS2 has received the highest awards for its mobile applications. The cooperation between Gappless and XS2 leads to a fast, reliable and intelligent mobile application.


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